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Sheridan Kelley
♡ 18 | San Diego CA | Not ur bae ♡ hello kitty pixel Pictures, Images and Photos

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I enjoy drinking coffee, taking naps, edm, animals over people, fashion, nightlife, shows, boba, cuddling, and the beach.

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I think I have you but I probably don’t.
I fixate on having you wrapped around my finger telling me things that you probably won’t.
You taste like wine in the summer and I’m craving your intoxication.
Don’t let me go sweetie, I can’t handle another devastation.

17 September, 2014

oh mah lord pls

"If you didn’t take a picture with your Starbucks… Did you actually have one?"

'15 S65 AMG Coupe | JE
Blinking Pink Hello Kitty